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My Somerset Year: January – April 2010


New cottage, new job, new life. Driving. Sleeping alone. Darkness. Winter walks and weekend drives. Exploring.



Anniversaries. One month of country living. Eight being together. Getting used to country living. Snow. Sunshine. Friends visiting.



Lambs. Spring. Daffodils. Riding on the Railway. More sunshine.



More visits. Sunsets. Blossom. Spring lunches sat outside in the sunshine. Easter.


If you go to the woods today…

Last weekend we went for a walk. Front after front rolled in off the sea and we spent the vast amount of the walk in clouds and mist and rain. Periodically it would clear leaving views across the moorland to the coast. As we walked through the ancient oak woodlands Exmoor ponies appeared out of the mist, walking slowly through the trees, eating.

And then, later, in farmland, we saw these chickens atop a muck heap which was spontaneously smouldering, leaving the air tinged with a slightly sweet smell of smoke. We sheltered from the wind and rain in an old church, the most isolated on Exmoor, eating boiled eggs and pork pies and cups of tea in the porch before continuing our journey back homewards.

A splendid, soul quenching, cobweb removing sort of a walk. And best of all, we set off and returned to our house on foot.

larks. owls.

This is the A39 across the top of Exmoor. Looks like a fast and reliable road, doesn’t it. If you are lucky when you drive along this road you can see chocolate furry ponies pressed together in small huddles beside hedges which lean away from the sea and the prevailing wind. You can also see buzzards circling, mewing and calling. And owls. Hunting alongside the road where the hillside drops away. The skies are enormous and constantly changing and moving.

This is the road that I must drive along at 6.30am tomorrow on my way to a breakfast meeting. Getting used to things like that is the reason things have gone a little quiet around here in the last week or so. Tomorrow I must be a lark. When I’d much rather be an owl.

{.image by me.}

Work week 2

It’s past 11pm and I’m still up and awake. So this week I am doing *way* better than last week. No spare thinking time though still so I am just going to send you here for photos of ponies and wild goats that I took last weekend. More are to come, promise.

Work. Days 1. 2.

Took some photographs over the weekend to share with you. But no energy whatsoever to get them off my camera. So they will be coming. Soon.

Walked in the gorgeous sunshine on Saturday down to the coast and along the beach. Drove Husband out for dinner and then back again. He took me for a drive on Sunday. It snowed. 3 chocolate-y black furry ponies stood huddled behind a wall, trying to get out of the wind. Drove as far as the Valley of the Rocks, home to wild goats and several more bay ponies. Birds of prey circle and mew. As it got dark we drove along the moor and saw an owl hunting.

Work is exhausting. 7 hours of meetings and that was only yesterday. I have a lovely room though. A garden room. Can’t wait for summer. And I drove myself there and back, parked and everything.

But now I have to go to bed. Bath and bed. It’s a long time since I’ve expended this much brain power.