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May – August 2009

Six months ago I was made redundant. That is where the story really starts. But months of job applications and interviews which ended well but not successfully are not interesting to write about and they certainly are not interesting enough to read about. (Yet readers may wish to fill in the background details to a story they knew some of at the time, so I will be succinct.)

Christmas was my cut off point. Although I had picked up freelance work in a variety of areas, if I hadn’t found something in my qualified field by the end of December then I was going to have to look for a permanent role in another industry.

Somewhere around July I realised that I had to start looking for work outside of London. The statistics aloneĀ  (900 on JSA rather than the 44 a year previously – and that was very low as many in my profession would have not even qualified for JSA) meant my chances of getting a job in London were small and reducing due to competition from those with more experience who had also been made redundant through no fault of their abilities. The companies with whom I was being called for interview in London were also too similar to the company from which I was made redundant and the likes of which I swore I would stay away from where possible. Vague, but necessary I am afraid.

My job search initially took me to the West Midlands and I narrowly missed out on a position which was mine in all but a contract when the company decided to merge with another. In retrospect a move to the West Midlands did not seem right for us and I am glad that it did not work out. I continued to apply for London positions and to explore other potential avenues of future employment, taking on a number of projects on an internship level, paid nothing save my expenses for getting there and back.

By the end of August I was feeling pretty bleak. Summer was ending, I had been unemployed for 3 months and I was starting to think I would never get a job in my profession ever again.

Image of Bicknoller at the foot of the Quantock Hills (just because I like it).