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See you in Somerset

It has all gone quiet here because I am packing. Packing is the most boring, hateful task ever. Especially when packing up a house of 2 people who could never be called minimalist and who merged 2 flats 4 years ago and then got married and bought china for 120. And were given wedding presents. I have not written much this week as I find it so boring that I could fall over to think about it/get on with it, so I reserved my moaning for twitter and this paragraph.

We move tomorrow. I will keep this brief.

Virgin don’t do cable in Somerset. I shouldn’t have been surprised. If the property is not served with mains gas then fibre optic cable might be too much to ask. Turns out it was. We return to a ADSL connection. Which seems to be one better than it used to be, when I last used it. (I asked whether you can use the landline at the same time – we haven’t had one of those in 4 years either. He laughed.)  Despite the fact that the line is already present and no-one has to come and ‘connect’ you (they just switch it on) for some reason we cannot be connected until the 3rd February. Much like estate agents haven’t heard of scanners I suppose.

So, the upshot is, unless I can get over my fear of driving (and of car insurance organisation) things will go quiet round here for a bit. Or, more hopefully, I manage to work out the buses and so forth, so I am aiming to do some “work” in the cafe by my new office which has wifi. And by work I of course mean blogging.

My blackberry will still work. If it has signal. So I can still tweet and read e-mails*, if you are so inclined. {I will be on my own for an entire week}.

See you in Somerset…

* to rachelprimrosehill (at) gmail (dot) com.