In which we discuss Porlock Arts Festival

R (reading from West Somerset Free Press) (struggling not to laugh) “…Germaine Greer had the [hall] in stitches over her irreverant view of life the universe and all things feminine…”

M (snorting out his wine) “…I’m not quite sure that’s quite accurate… haha… Germaine Greer…discussing “all things feminine”…haha… are you sure it says feminine?”

R (kindly) “yep. But I’m not sure that feminine is quite what they meant”.


When I have a moment or two to spare I will be back to report on the arts festival events that I did attend and share why I thought Germaine Greer’s feminist stance is out-dated, irrelvant and how I reacted when she flirted with my husband…


2 responses to “In which we discuss Porlock Arts Festival

  1. David Shevels

    PORLOCK ARTS FESTIVAL 8th – 11th September 2011

    Thursday 8th September is Explorers’ Evening! Local author Sir Christopher Ondaatje discusses his new book The Last Colonial: Curious Adventures and Stories from a Vanishing World. He is followed by Stanley Johnson, author and former MP who will tell of his recent climb up Mt Kilamanjaro in aid of the Gorilla Organization and discuss his new book Survival: Saving Endangered Migratory Species.

    On Friday 9th September we have the New Scorpion Band, one of the best traditional music groups around today. Their repertoire includes ballads and close harmony songs, instrumental tunes, poetry, stories and folk drama. They will perform a musical celebration of farming and the land.

    On Saturday 10th September we have an amazing trio of contemporary writers.
    Ali Smith has been short-listed for both the Orange and the Booker Prizes. Her latest book There But For The is to be published in June 2011. She is a regular contributor of articles and reviews to newspapers and journals.
    Philip Hensher‘s novel The Northern Clemency was short-listed for the 2008 Man Booker Prize for Fiction and he has recently published a new novel King of the Badgers. He is a regular broadcaster and contributor to newspapers and journals.
    Jackie Kay has published several collections of poems and her Maw Broon Monologues were short-listed for the 2010 Ted Hughes Award. Her first novel Trumpet was published in 1998 and The Red Dust Road featured as Radio 4’s Book of the Week earlier this year. She also writes widely for stage and television.

    On Sunday 11th September in the morning there will be an all-ages Choral Workshop. In the afternoon there will be a Tea Dance.

    In addition to the regular Festival features – the Poetry Picnic, Art Exhibitions and Open Studios, the competitions and the pub quiz – there will be another Local Authors’ Day and Writers’ Forum following on from the successful 2010 events.

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