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SB Review: Heartfelt

Husband and I started of the bank holiday with the intention of spending the afternoon at the Luxborough May Fair and duck racing. After an unpromising start in which we couldn’t find it followed by a quick escape up a bank covered in stinging nettles when we discovered hoardes of people picking over the meagrest bric-a-brac, book and plant stall I have ever seen, we had afternoon tea in Dunster followed by what was intended to be a look at Watchet, a small coastal town we have yet to see.

What happened instead was that I saw Heartfelt, the first vintage shop I have seen so far in our three months in the south-west, a long browsing session and chat with the owner, Mandy, and a purchase of a gorgeous Ferragamo white skirt which is constructed from layers of grosgrain ribbon. It is 1980s I think, classic pencil cut and reaches to just below the knee, and will be perfect for our upcoming summer of weddings. (photos coming to PeacockFeathers & Diamond Rings when I get a chance to take some).

Heartfelt is a beautiful treasure-trove of vintage, ‘vintage’ and new clothing, mainly skirts, dresses and tops. Some items are labelled vintage when they are clearly fairly recent (i.e. within the past 10 years) and from high street brands, but anyone with an eye for vintage or fashion will immediately be able to spot the good pieces. And to be fair, everything in there was lovely (I am just not prepared to pay the same value as new for a second hand dress from a label I know to be stocked by Oliver Bonas) and an excellent departure from the majority of the other shops that I have encountered so far in West Somerset.

There was also a good selection of accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery and hats and it is a shop I am certain to visit repeatedly. I was also taken by the vintage chair on which to park a bored Husband (if one had one in toe, thankfully mine is happy to indulge me and enter into dialogue) and the vintage tea cups and saucers to serve tea for customers who look like they could do with a cup to fortify themselves for the long haul. There was also a pleasing large mirror and lots of natural light.

Well worth a visit if you happen to be in or near Watchet.

They are also running an interesting looking competition for Somerset’s Young Fashion Designer of the Year which is open to all designers under the age of 26 with a permanent address in Somerset. They have some great names lined up as judges.


8 Swain Street




Open everyday except Wednesday afternoons

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