Monthly Archives: April 2010


Suddenly, the countryside has come alive with blossom. I took these in our garden this afternoon after a rather rainy day where we drove over the moors and down to the beach before retiring to home for tea, biscuits and a relaxing evening spent reading and blogging and sitting cosily in the kitchen with my husband.

The verges and hedges are full of greeness, wild flowers and new shoots. The whole place has been carpeted with soft green verdent grass. Birds are nesting and the air has a new found warmth to it. Flocks of dandilions appeared as if from nowhere. Exmoor really is beautiful.

All photos by me


April weekend in sunsets.

Saturday 10 April 2010. 8pm. Road between Lee Abbey & Woody Bay.

Sunday 11 April 2010. 8.05pm. Bossington Hill.

On Saturday night the sunset was so pink and so hazy that were the shrubbery not so English at first glance that photograph could be (to my untrained eye perhaps) be mistaken for an asian sky.

On Sunday the light was back to it’s usual English self. Orange and yellow. So we sat and ate chips on a windswept bench at the top of Bossington Hill, overlooking Porlock, with Wales on the horizon, watching the sun literally squash and dip behind the horizon.

And the drove home slowly in the gathering dark, one of my favourite times of day, as the lambs and sheep call to each other and the birds settle down for the night. Back to the house, back to quinoa salad and cold trout and a peaceful evening watching the golf.